TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

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Description of the most important actions

The actions described below are not possible with every switch type.


Answering calls

Activating call forwarding


Changing the network settings

Changing the outside line prefix

Changing the own extension

Changing the settings


Checking if someone called while you were away

Closing tabs automatically

Connecting calls together

Creating group buttons

Creating speed-dial keys on the desktop

Dialing highlighted text

Forwarding call information

Hanging up calls

Importing a telephone number into the private telephone book

Importing telephone books

Making private calls

Picking up a call

Putting a call on hold

Recognising call states


Redirecting calls

Reporting problems

Resetting TAPI

Sending messages

Sending the contents of the clipboard

Specifying the action to take for incoming calls

Starting a conference

Starting a consultation call

Supporting group members


Uninstalling the program

Using ACD Light

Using databases

Working without windows opening automatically



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