TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Hanging up calls

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The “Hang up“ button in the program bar

A small button is available in the program bar which hangs up the first active call. If there is no active call, the first held call or alerting call will be hung up.





The „Hang up“ button on the call page

There is a button for hanging up calls on the "Make call" page, which hangs up the first active call.




Drag a call button onto the „Hang up“ button

Drag the call button for the call to be hung up onto one of the two hang-up buttons.




The call button’s context menu

Click on the call button with the right-hand mouse button. You can end the call from the context menu.




Hang up using a keyboard shortcut

If you have activated keyboard shortcuts in the text-dial settings you can hang up a call with a keyboard key-stroke. The default key-stroke is CTRL + F11.





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