TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide


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Call dialog

You can click on "Call" in the call dialog and then enter the number.


Call listings

Open the call listings for incoming or outgoing calls and double-click on the relevant entry. Use the favourites list for contacts you call regularly.


Speed dial from the desktop

If you have set up speed-dial buttons on the desktop, you can ring a contact by double clicking on them.




Group buttons in the program bar

If you have created group buttons in the program bar you can click on them to ring group members.





Telephone books

Open the telephone book containing the contact you wish to call. Double-click on the entry to start the call.





Calling selected text

Make sure that calling via mouse or keyboard shortcut is activated in the text-dial settings. Now highlight the number you want to call. Press the key(s) you have configured (the default is CTRL + F12).


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