TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Starting a conference

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Connecting two calls together to make a conference

You can connect two calls together to form a three-way conference. One of the two calls should be active and the other on hold. Drag the held call onto the conference button.




Alternatively you can start a conference from the context menu of the call button for the held call.




Bringing a new participant into a call or conference

You can bring a new party into an active call to form a three-way conference. With most good switches it is also possible to bring new parties into an existing conference. The procedure is the same in both cases. Click on the conference button.



The dialing window appears. Enter the number of the new call participant and confirm. Alternatively, you can jump into one of the telephone books listed and drop the telephone icon there.





If there is already an active call or conference, you can also simply take a group button, a group symbol or an entry from the private telephone book, and drop it onto the conference icon.








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