TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide


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The TAPIMaster® Client is visible as a thin bar along the upper edge of the screen. The switches on the left provide control over the telephone, on the right are speed dial buttons for group members. You can see the client by moving the mouse over the top edge of the screen. The client behaves like the task bar along the bottom edge of the screen.

The client allows you to control your telephone and to see the call states of your colleagues. Two registers, calls and telephone books, offer additional information.




If the client stays deactivated and even after a while has not logged itself on automatically, then you should check the network settings.


Small client

Instead of the standard client shown above, a significantly slimmer client can be installed, which comes without a surface. There are no telephone books. In this case as well as customer-specific plugins can be loaded as in the standard version.



Call register

Telephone book register

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