TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Advanced settings

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Specify here how the client is to behave when a call arrives.




Behaviour when incoming call arrives

When a call arrives, the client usually draws attention to itself by opening a window and displaying the call data. You can turn off this display function. For particular customers with special additional modules, a customer-specific display is also provided.


Start a program

It is possible for incoming calls, a program to start. The program can be full path or as a command (eg iexplore) can be entered. As a parameter is given the number. Which may be in a URL, eg: http://webserver/customers?Number = <# N #>.


What to do when a member of the group receives a call

Imagine that a colleague from within your group receives a call but that he is away from his desk or already in a call and so does not answer. You cannot hear the phone ringing because it is in another room. In these circumstances the client can open the Groups page so that you can see who from your group has received a call. You can choose whether to see the display of calls: immediately; after the phone has been ringing for X seconds; or not at all.


Reset line

On rare occasions the client may fail to react to the telephone. Calls get stuck and are not removed. If this occurs, you can press “Reset line”.



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