TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Basic settings

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Program information

Under program information you can see the product version, which you will need if you have to contact us for help or for a licence.




When incoming call arrives show symbol in tray bar

Microsoft Outlook displays a small letter symbol in the tray bar when a mail arrives. The TAPIMaster® Client can similarly display a small telephone when an incoming call arrives. Double-clicking the symbol opens the list of incoming calls.



Automatically answer incoming calls

In a service department it is sometimes helpful for incoming calls to be answered automatically in order to save time. To allow this, the workstations should be equipped with head-sets and the telephones should be capable of switching to hands-free mode via TAPI.


Close tabs automatically

If you click on the screen outside the client area, open tabs will be closed automatically, provided they have not been opened manually. Selecting this option means that even manually opened tabs will be closed.


Screen settings

You can select the screen where the client will be sowed.



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