TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide


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Proceed as follows:

Open the user management page in the server console. Any user wishing to use the ACD functions must be a member of the service group.




Connect to the switch a telephone which supports call redirect. A cheap analogue telephone may be suitable. Ask your switch manufacturer if in doubt. The telephone should not be susceptible to unintentional use – the receiver should not be taken off hook by someone by mistake.

If the ACD cannot route a call, decide whom the call should be placed to – this person will get the call, for example, if all group members are busy. A secretary, an answering machine or a call group may be suitable as such a destination of last resort.

How do you want to distribute the calls to the service personnel? Should each member receive the same number of calls, or should each member spend approximately the same amount of time telephoning? In calculating these metrics, are all calls relevant or only incoming calls? Decide what is important for you.





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