TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Number recognition

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Click on “Settings” and the configuration dialog will appear.



After the product is first installed, the dialog will be empty. Click on „Data source“.




First choose the data source. The settings in this example come from the club database from the TAPIMaster® SDK. In the example below a system data source based on the Access file CLUB.MDB from the SDK is created and selected as a data source.




The connection to the database has now been established. Now specify the table containing the customer data. You can create standard tables if needed.




For caller number identification, the number is queried in the database and a data record is returned. Specify in the „Data...“ option what should be displayed in the clients.




The options supplied are used to generate an SQL query string which the TAPIMaster® server sends to the database. You may edit this string by hand if, for example, you require different formatting. In the example, surname, given name and telephone number are displayed in the client on the call tab.Since the database connection already has access to telephone data, it is possible if necessary to query a number from a name. In this case you also have to state which data should be returned from the query.




This also leads to generation of an SQL query, which can then be edited by hand. The information found is displayed in the database telephone book.




Telephone number identification is now activated.






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