TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Save call records

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This database connection requires just one database licence. Click on „Settings“ and the configuration dialog will appear.



After the product has been installed for the first time the dialog will be empty. Click on „Data source“ and select the correct database connection.




Then specify the table in which to store the caller information. You can create standard tables if needed.




Now specify the caller information you wish to store and the table columns in which to store it.




An SQL command is generated from the settings you make. You can edit the command by hand afterwards.




The settings in this example come from the club database from the TAPIMaster® SDK. The example shows how to access an Access database. The data stored have the following format:


Own extension:                Text, at least 8 characters

Other number:                Text, at least 32 characters        Number of the other person in call

Date/time:                Date format

Call duration:                Number                                Duration in seconds

Incoming yes/no:        BOOL, i.e., yes/no

Connected yes/no:        BOOL, i.e., yes/no

Address called:                Text, at least 32 characters

MSN:                        Text, at least 32 characters

Call-ID:                        Unique call identifier


The data are stored in the table as shown below:




The storage of data via ODBC is now activated.






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