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Multi-user mode in an office block

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An insurance company has several hundred employees working in one office building. Each work place has a PC and at least one telephone, Windows 7 being the operating systems in use. The company is using software written in-house. Up to 50 calls may arrive each day at a given workstation and employees generally work half an hour overtime every day. The management bring in some external consultants to assess the working procedures.


Solution outline

The consultants come to the conclusion that up to half a minute can be saved on each call. The precondition is that the company’s software support the telephony interface. It would then be possible to identify the majority of callers and load the relevant customer data, allowing problems to be turned around more quickly. Telephone numbers would no longer be dialed by hand. One hurdle, of course, is the time the IT department would require to get to grips with the telephony interface. The recommendation is made to use an existing telephony interface. TAPIMaster® provides just such an interface



A technician from the PBX manufacturer installs the latest firmware on the telephone switch. The telephony server is connected to the switch using a network cable. The technician installs the latest version of the switch’s TAPI driver onto a computer selected to play the role of telephony server. The technician verifies the driver’s functionality using TAPIMaster®'s Line Watcher.

Now the programmers install the TAPIMaster® server and familiarise themselves with the SDK. The feature to allow dialing from the customer list is quickly completed. When an incoming call arrives, the folder containing the customer’s details now opens automatically. The insurance specialist can immediately see who it is on the line before the customer has begun talking. There is no longer the need for typing in complicated names.

The employees gain more time, work becomes less stressful. They can concentrate their energy on more important matters.



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