TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Single work station with ISDN telephone

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Hubert B. runs a courier service with a fleet of several vehicles. This is how he describes his problem:

“My biggest customers are freight forwarding companies. They ring up when the goods get stuck somewhere and need to get to the customer. But that is not enough work to make a living from. So each day I ring two or three hundred potential customers trying to drum up business. That takes a while, as you can imagine. My competitors often get there before me and my vans come back empty. I keep all my contacts in Outlook but I dial their numbers by hand – I can’t afford an expensive telephony product.”


Possible solution

Hubert B. needs an Outlook telephone book from which he can dial quickly by mouse-click. A freeware solution for one workstation would be ideal. There is one other requirement: a TAPI-ready ISDN phone or a small PBX which supports TAPI.

The single workstation TAPIMaster® ulfils the CTI software requirement. The computer is linked up to the ISDN telephone and the TAPI driver is installed. Important: follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing this. The TAPIMaster® client and server are both installed on a single machine. The client contains an Outlook telephone book, from which it is possible to make a large number of calls quickly.





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