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Bank with branches

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A bank has its head office in the centre of Berlin. There are also other branches in other parts of the city. The main office is open all day but the other branches close for lunch, during which time there is no one there to take calls. Nor can an employee take calls when in a meeting with a customer. There is an IP connection from the branch to the main office.


Possible solution

Call forwarding could in principle be set up to the main office, as is usual practice. But that solution is not flexible enough when employees are temporarily unavailable. With. TAPIMaster® the calls can be handled more effectively. But the configuration requires specialist knowledge.

The solution has the central location taking control of all the PBXs. The TAPI drivers of the (network-capable) switches are collected on a single computer. The employees are no longer grouped according to their branch. Instead there is now a group of investment advisors, a group of credit advisors, and other groups. With the aid of the CTI software, an investment advisor can see which of his colleagues is currently busy. An employee in the main office can see when a customer call is ringing unanswered in a branch office and can pick the call up. If he is unable to help the customer, he can send a message to his colleague at the branch office.  A worker in the branch can forward a call to a colleague who is free. The employees work more effectively in cross-site teams. You can see a more detailed description in the chapter Finer points of using multiple PBXs.





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