TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Cost saving

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When you use CTI software, you can opt for a cheaper analogue model when buying a telephone set. This often saves over 100€ per workstation. TAPIMaster® makes sparing use of resources like memory, disk space and processing capacity.

Firms often equate telephone costs with telephone bills. But the cost of telephoning is in practice often very different. A telephone call costs for example 3 cents per minute. But personnel costs for that minute are around 50 cents (presuming a total personnel cost of 30€ an hour) or more. In order to save money telephoning, it is necessary to save time telephoning. A time saving of 10% on each call saves as much as the pure call itself costs. You cannot make a saving like that by changing your telephone provider! In the same way it is a fallacy to believe that outgoing calls are more expensive than incoming calls, just because you have to pay for the call in that case. Incoming calls interrupt employees in their work and the employees need time to concentrate on the call, fetch files or consult a colleague. After the call the employee again needs time to get back into the task he was working on. The wasted minutes soon mount up.

TAPIMaster® supports offensive telephony. If you need to speak to a customer it is better if you seize the initiative and not wait for the customer to call you. It makes a better impression. You can get the work done more quickly and you can complete several calls in a row instead of being interrupted in your work.

The ACD Light module lets you distribute calls evenly. The module is included in the purchase price.





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