TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Network connection

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When you start the TAPIMaster® client for the first time, the network settings will normally be shown automatically. You can then enter your extension number and a telephone will be assigned to you. You can also open the settings dialog at any time: just click on the client’s connection icon with the right-hand mouse button and select “Network settings” from the context menu.




In the dialog which appears you can configure network and logon settings. Do not change the server name or port number unless asked to do so by your administrator. If your extension is missing or has changed, fill in the value here. You can choose the name under which you will appear to other members of your group. The default is your Windows log-on name. The prefix for an outside line is generally “0” but may differ, for example, if two companies share a switch. If an outside line is automatically provided, it may be necessary to dial a prefix when making an internal call. Its value, like that of the prefix for an outside line, is generally configured centrally. Some companies have a special prefix for an outside line for a personal call.

Important: please do not use a non-standard outside line prefix or internal prefix unless your administrator has asked you to fill in these dialog fields.





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