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AS400 in a freight forwarding company

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A freight company has installed AS400s in its branches and writes its software in-house. To save employee time, a feature is planned to allow automatic dialing from forms on the screen. However, the PBXs in use do not offer connectivity to the AS400. In addition, almost every branch has its own switch. There is no budget available to commission a bespoke CTI solution.


Possible solution

In each branch there are still some old Windows PCs. These should be connected to the PBX. The correct TAPI driver for each switch is installed and the latest firmware is installed on the PBXs. TAPIMaster® can now be deployed – on the server only. The server has an IP interface which can be reached from the AS4000. The company’s bespoke software can trigger dialing via this interface. Each branch needs just a minimal licence because the TAPI lines need only be opened for as long as it takes to dial meaning that few lines will be open concurrently.



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