TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide


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With TAPIMaster®, an internal extension number is assigned to every line. The program attempts to identify the numbers during installation. If the line, for example, has the name CAP 100, an extension of 100 is presumed. The process of allocating extensions stops when all user licences have been used up. The remaining lines are then shown in grey. If there is more than one switch, the extensions of the switch with the most features are used. If the extensions could not be identified, these need to be entered by hand. Please delete lines which are not in use. Lines without a licence appear in grey. The TAPI drivers of different switches can be distinguished on the basis of their switch IDs.




Economic use of licences (Applies only to the licensed product)

Imagine you have 50 telephones, of which only 20 require full functionality (caller identification, consultation call, call transfer, etc).  Select the option “Only open lines when calling”, and then click “Apply”.



Empty boxes now appear down the left of the list of lines. Tick the lines which should have full functionality. These TAPI lines will be kept open all the time. But tick at most one box fewer box than the number of licences you have. If you have bought 25 licences and make a fixed allocation of 20, there are still 5 left over. The remaining 30 users can share these 5 lines for dialing: the lines are opened only during dialing and are then closed immediately afterwards. The “Only open lines when calling” option is only available in the licensed version.




The are some restrictions on lines which are not continuously open.

You do not get informed of incoming calls (number, call state)

Log-on status is not signalled

You cannot use the software to answer a call

No call forwarding or deflection of incoming calls

No conference

Group members cannot see your call state

Colleagues cannot pick up calls from these lines

The server IP interface cannot be used.


Maximum length of internal numbers

TAPIMaster® determines the maximum length of internal numbers during installation. This may not work if the extension number is not contained in the line names. Correct the parameter here. The parameter allows TAPIMaster® to decide if a call is to the external telephone network.







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