TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

TAPI special treatment

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Some PBXs do not directly support commands over the TAPI interface. It is possible to work around this problem by sending the key codes which one would key into the phone for the command in question. To do this you need the manual of the particular phone and switch. Your own extension is represented by A, the other phone (if the command involves a second) by B. Test the function before using it live. This workaround feature is not guaranteed to work – but it may work and can be tried as a last resort. But if you are inexperienced with switches, please do not make any changes on this page.



Stabilisation mechanisms

Very few TAPI drivers are free of faults. TAPIMaster® itself attempts to correct some faults in the telephone system. One such feature is to remove calls which really no longer exist. Activate this feature if possible for large switches – the attempt will be made to hang up calls which have got stuck in the PBX.


Activate call forwarding in the switch

Activate this option. TAPIMaster® then tries to set up call forwarding in the switch when a user activates forwarding. If this does not work, deactivate this option. TAPIMaster® will then try to deflect incoming calls to the forwarding destination. As a side effect, the phone originally called will ring briefly before the deflection occurs.


Use trunk forwarding between different switches

If more than one PBX are connected and the PBX TAPI driver not cumulates the PBX systems to one logical system, this option should be enabled.


Use additional filter numbers

Some PBX systems supports uses LCR. Any of them delivers the Call by Call provider prefixes in the phone number. This prefix number can be filtered. Please use spaces to separate the prefix numbers.



Canonical Format

It is recommended to convert the phone numbers into the canonical format. TAPIMaster® supports the canonical format of the most countries.





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