TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

IP interface

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The IP interface can be used by third party programs to send commands to the TAPIMaster® server over the network. This allows programs on other platforms, such as Linux, to use TAPIMaster®. The server provides a port, which may be used as a stream or datagram socket. The SDK contains an example program for this feature. The port used for the IP interface must be distinct from the port used by the CTI server.




The following commands are supported:



Initiates a telephone call. Syntax: MakeCall <Caller> <Number to call>



MakeCall 100 0891234567


The device with extension 100 calls the Munich number 0891234567.



Answers an incoming call.



Answer 100


The device with extension 100 answers a call.



Hangs up a call.



Drop 100


The device with extension 100 hangs up.



Redirect a call on to another telephone.



Redirect 100 101


The device with extension 100 deflects the first incoming call to the device 101. If no incoming call is present, the first connected call will be transferred to 101.



Switch back and forth between two calls.



Toggle 100


The device with extension 100 alternates between two calls.



Connect two calls.



Transfer 100


The device with extension 100 connects an active and a hold call.



Connect two calls to a telephone conference.



Conference 100


The device with extension 100 connects two calls to a 3rd party conference.



Picks up a call from an other phone device.



Pickup 100 101


The device with extension 100 picks a call from the device 101.



Set call permanent forwarding.



Forward 100 101


The device with extension 100 forwards calls to the device 101.


Forward *


The device with extension 100 sets the DND (do not disturb) mode.




The device with extension 100 disables the forwarding.


HTTP calls

The call is also available from Internet sites. Please use the stream socket. The "NNNNN" string is the placeholder for the own extension. Address and port of the stream socket host will be transmitted.



<a href="http://localhost:2503/Makecall 100 102">Make a call from extension 100 to 102</a>

<a href="http://localhost:2503/Makecall NNNNN 0123456789">Make a call using IP/Extension table to 0123456789</a>


The queries are now on the server:

GET /Makecall%20100%20102 HTTP/1.1

GET /Makecall%20NNNNN%200123456789 HTTP/1.1


In the program folder a file with the name FCTIIPEX.INI exists. This file will be used for the assigning of IP addresses and internal extensions.





A sample web page you can find in the WEBCLIENT folder in the SDK.


Directory with dialing files

If commands cannot be sent as IP packets, they may be written to files in a shared network folder instead. The file extension to use is .CTI and the syntax is the same as required for the IP interface.



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