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TAPIMaster CTI software

In your company, regular customer contact by phone is essential. If your employees make efficient calls, they can serve more customers at the same time.

There are tools that can be used to control telephones remotely. A significant improvement for your business processes only comes when the phone works with your own software.

With the help of the TAPIMaster interfaces, you will integrate telephony functions into your program without having to deal with the details of TAPI. In the integration depth and range of functions you require, on the client or server side.

What is your specific need?

You develop software and want to offer your customers telephony functions. You can do that with TAPIMaster Integration.

You do not need integration into existing software, but want to use the standard client for your telephone control.

You are looking for Tools related to TAPI development.

You are a telephone system manufacturer and need a TAPI driver.