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TAPIMaster® client / server is a CTI solution based on the TAPI interface for Windows. PBXs with a CSTA interface need a TAPI driver to allow access. In addition to the standard client provided, you can also write your own clients based on the TAPIMaster® programming interface. The current version is

Greatest advantages

  • Expedites the use of the telephone at work stations which have a computer.
  • Allows more intensive customer contact with more calls per hour.
  • Allows for integration into third-party software, such as legacy systems.
  • Uses few resources and is suitable for use on a Windows Terminal Server.
  • Offers good value for money.

Download Full Setup

Download Client interface Setup (for developers)

Download ZIP

Download Guide as PDF

Online Guide

You do not have any PBX and would like to install TAPIMaster ® nevertheless, however, on a trial basis? No problem. The TSP Emulator emulates a PBX system.

You need an other language? A german Version is available. For other languages, please download the text resource file. Then you can get a binary resource file (FCTILANG.DLL) for the TAPIMaster®.

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