TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Additional functions

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TAPIMaster® offers many other additional functions beyond pure telephony support.

       Sending call templates to another user.

Dialing by clicking highlighted text.

Sending text messages between clients.

Sending user-defined messages between client and server.

Display of a telephone icon in the task bar when a call arrives – similar to Outlook’s letter symbol.

Automatic re-establishment of server connection after interruption.

Tray icon in the task bar, which can be adorned with its own icon, tool-tip and menu.

Sending of protocol data (calling number, called address, time, incoming/outgoing, call success yes/no, length of call), storage of protocol data in a file and buffering of these data during absence.


Telephoning from a different application is possible.

Optional telephone book page with Outlook contacts.

Database connection (ODBC) for caller identification, telephone number search, storing call data.

ACD Light for improved distribution of incoming calls.

Caller identification using installed telephone book CDs.





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