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CTI Switchboard

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The CTI Switchboard is a Client/Server application. It is a tool for the administrator or secretary. The user has an overview of al phones. He can control the phones. The CTI Switchboard is only component of the licence version. It is not usable simultaneously with the server programming interface.




Bei der Installation des CTI-Servers wird der Switchboard Server ebenfalls mit installiert. It is a Windows service. This service per default does not automatically start. Set the start mode to "Automatic" if you want to use the program.



You find a file FCTISBSV.INI in the Windows list of the server. In this file you can change the port (standard 2520) and set a password (recommended).  



Only one client can be used. You can find the program in the setup folder of the CTI server (<ProgramDir>\<ProductName>\Setup\FCTISBCL.EXE. At the start you are asked for the connection data (server name+port). Please enter your own phone extension and password.





The client includes three lists and several action buttons:

Member list

All phones are listed. You can see the members and the number of the calls and the forwarding state. If the CTI server ist running, the login names will be showed. Messages can be sent out to the user. You can call the members by a double click.


List of unanswered incoming calls

All existing unanswered are listed. You can pick the call by double click.


List of active calls

The calls of the members and their call partners are listed.


Action bar

The Actions bar contains several buttons. You can make different phone cations with this buttons. The activation state of the buttons depends at the list selection.







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