TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Before starting

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Before you install TAPIMaster®, please make sure that an appropriate TAPI driver is installed and functional on your PC.

To this end, open the Phone and Modem Options in the Windows Control Panel.




Choose your location and click on „Edit“. A dialog appears with the dialing rules. Enter the area code and delete the outside line prefixes from the dialog. Close the dialog with the dialing rules.




Now open the "Advanced" page of the Telephone and Modem Options. The list of installed TAPI drivers should include your PBX. The name usually includes the switch manufacturer’s name.




You should find your switch in the list. If it is not there then install your switch’s TAPI driver. You can usually find the latest driver version on your switch manufacturer’s web site. Also install the switch’s latest firmware. Problems here should be reported to your switch manufacturer or the dealer where you bought the switch.

When the driver is installed, give it a test with the Line Watcher to see if it is working properly.





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