TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Choosing Server/Client

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TAPIMaster® works according to the client-server principle. The server maintains a connection to the switch. The client and server may both be installed on the same computer.




On Windows 2003 and its successors, the CTI server runs as a service. The CTI server is started automatically when the computer starts up. You can also see the TAPIMaster® server in the Services control window. The name of the service may vary between OEM versions.




Starting the client without installing

When the server is installed, a subdirectory called "Setup" is created. Share this directory to the network. Create a link on the desktop to the file FCTICLNT.EXE. The link path should be relative so that it is valid in the network, e.g. \\pdc\c\Programme\Setup\FCTICLNT.EXE. E-Mail this link to the intended users.



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