TAPIMaster® 3.2.0 User's Guide

Agent call list

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This MDI view lists the agents calls in a determined time range.




List view





Incoming call (arrow to the left) or outgoing, connected (green) or not connected (red).



The first group in which the employee is a member.



Beginning of call


Direct dial

The internal direct dialling of the service employee.


Call partner

Phone number of the partner. As a rule, this will be a customer.


Called address

A telephone can have different addresses, e. g: 201, 202, 203. Every address can be assigned to another hotline phone number. With the help of the destination address the data can be sorted per hotline.


Called MSN

Instead of a called address the called number also can be evaluated.


Speech time

The time during the call was connected.


Reaction time

Between the call beginning and the state is connected, reaction time of the service employee.





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