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Texts and photographs on the websites www.tapimaster.com are protected by copyright. It follows therefore that the files containing these documents may not be copied, sitributed or altered in any way without the prior permission of the copyright owner (i.e. the author of these websites, unless stated otherwise). This prohibition does not, however, apply to cases where an Internet user copies the websites' data files onto the hard disk of his own computer in order to browse the websites.

The information provided on the websites www.tapimaster.com have been compiled by the author with the utmost care. Nonetheless, the author cannot assume liability for the topicality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information in question. The person responsible for thes websites cannot be held liable for material or non-material damage caused by incorrect or incomplete information, provided that the deficiencies in question are not deliberate or due to gross negligence.

The above also applies to information provided on websites to which the Internet user is referred by means of a hyperlink. Although the contents of these websites are entirely beyond the sphere of responsibility of the author of the websites www.tapimaster.com, the sites did not contain any illegal material when the link was set up. Since it is impossible to exert any kind of influence on the form or content of the linked websites, the author or the person responsible for the websites www.tapimaster.com cannot accept liability for damage caused by incorrect or incomplete information provided on the websites to which the Internet user is referred by means of a link.

All legal disputes which may arise in connection with this website are subject to German law.

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